The Red Boots

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The Red Boots

What defines me? I pondered over this question for a long time in the quest of finding a new blog name. I wanted something that would represent me. Something that would speak on my behalf of who I am. Then the pair of Red boots lying in the corner of my closet crossed my mind. “But how would a pair of red boots define someone?” if you must ask!! Let me tell you a little story about my knee high, glossy, Hunter-look-alike, red boots with super power that helps me fly… just kidding. 😉 No super powers.

It was last year in winter when this pair of boots ran a little too tight on my sister so she generously handed over the pair to me that I had been eyeing on ever since the day she bought them. Oh the jolt of joy that went through my body as I put them on and went shopping with her. I felt like every pair of eyes at the mall was on my boots and then on me. Wait, this is the story about how the boots came into my possession. The real question is why would it define me. Let’s get back on track!

There is one common compliment that I come across almost every other time when I have the boots on, “It looks good on you but I would never be able to pull them off so well.” Getting series of similar compliments made me think if I really am the only person that can go around wearing a pair of dark red boots. I started to look around in the mall and started paying attention to women around me. That actually made sense. To be completely honest, I have never met anyone else in person who has worn bright red knee-high boots like mine. Maybe I live in the wrong corner of the world, who knows. 😉 Yes, yes, I have a good point to make (or not :P) shortly here, please keep reading.

I may have worn these boots over thirty times in this one-ish year that it has come to my possession. I have even been bold enough to wear it with a pink dress one time. I had to talk myself out of the fact that I was actually looking like a strawberry shortcake and yet I chose to go out like that. The fact that I wear it even though I know that it makes me stand out in the crowd is what makes me who I am. Not giving a shit about what others think about me. It may or may not work in my favor all the time but I have always made decisions without considering other people’s judgement (that certainly excludes family and close friends). When I think about life in general, it scares me, because its so uncertain. You never know if you will make it till tomorrow. However, rather than being intimidated by the fear of uncertainty, I choose to make the most out of what I have today.

I know a lot of people who give up on things that they like because they feel like they are entitled to other people’s opinion. What I am trying to say here is, you should never hold back from doing things that you like for the fear of being judged. You don’t know you can’t pull off the glossy red boots so well until you put them on. The red boots that I own may not have super powers but it certainly gives me strength to walk around in it regardless of the attention it grabs (no matter negative or positive) and always keeps reminding that I should always be brave enough to accept my interests and all these little things that make me who I am.