Being Housewife??

At this very moment you have a work to go to, you bring home some money and you can call yourself an independent person. Imagine that something unfortunate happened and from the next day onward you are jobless. First couple of days might be fun. Not having to wake up early, not caring about what day of the week it is or what time of the day it is. But how long can you enjoy it? Imagine having to do this for the rest of your life.

This very thought came across my mind as I was folding the second load of laundry that I just did. And at the very moment I started thinking about my mom, aunt, and various other women in my life that I know who have taken up the profession of being “house wife”. Imagine waking up everyday to a mundane life-style. You wake up, cook for your family, while they are gone for the day to school/college/work you do the dishes, wash their clothes and cook more food for them and wait for them to be back. How would you actually feel if you somehow traded your life right now to this life style for the rest of your life? Sounds pretty sad, eh?

Feminism may have come a long way but there are things like these that constantly keep reminding that after all we are just women, the second gender. I used to think that it is only under-developed country that women still have a long way to go until a conversation I recently had with my friend (who is from a very developed country). He complained about how his mother was never there for him when he was a kid while she showed me a beautiful collection of scrapbook she made from his childhood memories including some poems that he wrote in kinder garden. Why is it that to this day women are expected to give up their career and take care of the child while its out of question if the father is asked to do the same. I know there are some men who wouldn’t mind being the stay-at-home dad, don’t get me wrong here. But if you take a realistic look at it, the idea of stay-at-home-dad is rather unusual while it is not so uncommon for the mothers to do the same.

I just can’t help feel bad for the women back home that I know of and many other women that I don’t know of who have given up on their dreams and career to give their kids and family the life they deserve. It may be by choice for some of them while for the other half it was the life that was decided for them. At the age of 25, I still can’t think about settling down and starting and taking care of a family of my own while my mother took that responsibility at the tender age of 17. What if that was not what she wanted from life? What if she wanted to become a scientist, or a doctor, or the president of the country. Who knows what her life may have been like right now if she had the opportunity to speak for herself and choose the life she wanted.

This is to all those women out there who gave up on their dreams with or without their desire. Those women who compromised their wishes for the sole reason of love or for the sole reason of being women. You guys are the true superheroes for doing what you do and at the same time not complaining about it. Kudos to your unwavering strength that helps you put a smile on your face no matter how big a compromise you make every day. Happy International Women’s day to all the wonderful ladies in the entire world!!!



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